Guitar No. 18

Date Completed: 
Friday, June 13, 2014

This guitar is the display guitar for the 2014 GFA Convention. It is a new and improved iteration of my standard guitar with a full French polish of shellac finish, Der Jung tuning machines and high tension Oasis carbon strings with Sustenuto basses. The finish turned out perfect on this guitar - like glass, and I have improved considerably on getting a level finish in joint of the neck and body where it is normally very difficult to sand, pore fill and polish. 

I completed this guitar alongside no. 17 that was commissioned by Alex Fardon. That guitar sounded really great right from the beginning while No. 18 took a couple days to really creep into some kind of a personality. It was interesting to play the two guitars side by side because both were made with the exact same dimensions and materials with the only big difference being the Honduran Rosewood vs. Indian Rosewood. Even the tops of the two guitars were neighboors in the log - cut one after the other, even sharing the same subtle grain markings and carefully finished to the same final thickness. 

The resulting guitars were very much alike, but it took much longer for the depth of sound to develop on this guitar. 

I look forward to hearing the sound mature throughout the week of GFA and will update this page with some picture and stories of that event when the results are in.