Guitar No. 39

Date Completed: 
Monday, March 6, 2017

This guitar represents a long aspiration to collaborate with a concert artist whom I greatly respect as both a player and friend. I will keep his name absent for the time being out of respect for the end goal which is always to build a better guitar.

It took me about three years to finally quit this guitar and the result, more than anything else, is a representation of my personal growth as a luthier and the effort to combine the very modern approach of carbon fiber brace reinforcement with an otherwise traditional construction.

The resulting guitar is very well balanced with heavy, cavernous basses and a very focused and rich treble response. 

The Honduran rosewood on this guitar has been left unlaminated so it can interact more with the sound.

The Lutz Spruce is probably the best spruce top that I have used yet in its combined physical and aesthetic properties.