Car Repair?

When I was about 10 or 11 years old much of my free time was spent exploring the imaginitive opportunities provided by my family farm. One particular day I went I bit too far and broke some safety glass out of an old Volvo. At this point in my life it had beome a permanent fixture, albeit gradually melting, season after season, into the pasture's grass . Unfortunately, that car wasn't mine to destroy. Of course, the destructive power of a young man can be quite grave, and although the totality of glass cleaned from the car left my family and the car's owner grasping for answers and justice, it would be 25 years before even I understood my motive. Sure, a dangerous cocktail of curiosity and imagination initiated the action, but for me, a crack or small hole in just one car window looks I decided to get rid of them all. When I was done, the car looked perfect. It just didn't have any glass.

From a very young age I began making things for others and as I matured and tried out various occupations it quickly became clear that I was much better at creating than destroying, and that my thoroughness and perfectionism would be the driving forces of my work life. Of course, these traits are essential in service to my clients, but they could easily become my undoing.