Breaking in Guitars

The first guitar was completed weekends while working at Gallagher Guitar Co  2006 and 2007. It was the culmination of the past six years of college, work and the superfluous, self reflective cocktail of yoga, meditation and youthfully ignorant enlightenment. The guitar was ok. I didn't know crap. In addition to fundraising, those are the things that passed through my mind as I balanced the completed guitar no. 2 on its side, freeing myself to grab some French polishing supplies. 

It was already a foot and half from the concrete floor when I had returned to the bench. So I was standing there -  the shellac in one hand, the polishing pad in the other - staring at my guitar laying on the concrete floor. It was fully strung when it hit and I didn't have any rubber mats at this time, so it hit with a burst of resonance followed by some proportionally diminished aftershocks - kind of like a bouncy ball reluctantly submitting to the law of gravity.

Rage doesn't really describe the angst I felt. Before spending about two hours trying to undo the accident wth my eyes, trying to find some way to make it disappear and seriously questioning the viability of time travel, I had a brief yet very calm and authentic curiosity. I asked myself, "I wonder what it sounds like now?"