Special Projects

  • Campanella

    Breathing new life into baroque guitar repertoire

    Campanella was a commission by British guitarists Stanley Yates with the goal of authentically reproducing the Baroque guitar campanella and strum styles on a modern concert guitar. This 9 string helps me accomplish my goal of inventing new instruments that classical guitarists can use to express themselves and their repertoire.


    • Scale - 640mm
    • Body length - 19"
    • Upper bout width - 11.25"
    • Lower bout width - 14.5"
    • Waist width - 9.5"
    • Neck width at nut - 53mm 
    • String spacing at saddle - 60mm
    • 9 strings
    • Gilbert Tuning Machines
  • Extasia

    The Instruments of Rapture

    Extasia is the ultimate expression of artistic rapture. No expense of money or time is spared in their creation. Having an optimized design and materials of the rarest beauty, each of these guitars will have a story and aesthetic that stays in a class by itself, being equally at home in the concert hall and in your display case.


    • "Best of Flitch" Soundboard
    • Back and sides - customer choice
    • Custom rosette and details
    • Handmade tuning machines
    • Custom scale length
    • Your Choice of 3 body sizes
    • Saddle - 60mm string spacing
    • Nut - 52mm nut width
    • Spanish or modern design
  • Praetoria

    Encapsulating what I love most about the traditional Spanish design

    The Spanish guitar building techniques and aesthetics are just as relevant today as they have been in the past. Praetoria is a defender of the existing order, a tribute to the time honored Spanish design. It's an opportunity to explore the aesthetics and sound that have generated interest in the classical guitar for generations.


    • Fan bracing
    • Spanish heel construction
    • Scale - 650mm
    • Body length - 19"
    • Upper bout width - 11.25"
    • Lower bout width - 14.5"
    • Waist width - 9.5"
    • Neck width at nut - 52mm 
    • String spacing at saddle - 60mm
  • Sonata

    630mm Scale Classical Guitar

    Short scales are becoming popular for those with less reach. The 630 scale, used by the romantic period makers Lacote and Panormo, is still an option for the serious classical player, resurrecting the sweetness and warmth of the salon. Sonata is simply, Elegy, with the neck and treble side of the upper bout moved forward 10mm. 


    • 630mm scale
    • 50mm nut width
    • 55mm string spacing at saddle
    • Wenge Back and Sides
    • Upper bout width
    • Lower bout width
    • Western Red Cedar Top
    • Sloane or Glibert Tuners