Dogal Maestrale String Review

I recently tested out some low tension Dogal Maestrale treble strings and thought that I would share my thoughts (FYI - the strings are lthe same color as the label on the left). This string changing session was conducted as a comparison with a set of high tension Aquila strings and the old high tension Oasis carbon B and G string that were already on the guitar.

First, the diameter of the 1st string is especially small which often leads to tone issues for most players. It's even smaller than carbon strings. I think that trebles with a small string diameter lead to a quicker, more abrupt string departure which translates to a more bright, less vocal tone. I had hoped that the qualities of the first string would lead to a clearer sounding G and B string, but I found those strings to also have a very harsh attack and release.

I switched their first string with an Aquila high e string and liked it  much better. It was a good point of comparison because the Aquila are also making a very hard nylon treble set. The Aquila high e string is an excellent sounding string on the guitar I am playing, but I prefered a higher tension carbon G and B string, so I switched back to the old Oasis strings.

I can imagine some people with very deep, muddy guitars that lack clarity in the treble register might like the Dogal strings. The guitar and player in question is often the deciding factor of course. I think that flamenco players would generally like these strings because they are bright and percussive. I do like that these strings and Aquila strings are bringing more definition and clarity to the world of nylon strings without increasing the tension so much, but diameter and string hardness are very important factors for good tone production. If a string is too hard and too small then the attack and departure are often harsh.