Pathosaurus Invictus

I don't plan on doing this perpetually, but after looking around at newer vehicles to replace my 96 Pathfinder I became quite disheartened by my options. Everything new just got more plastic and more computerized. So I did the natural thing and bought a older 95 Pathfinder with a manual transmission for $1,000 from some guy in northern Georgia. It looked like the oil hadn't been changed in 100,000 miles, but meh, it still got me all the way back home in the north Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee.

Dark is Yonder Down

Zach Finkelstein, Tenor & Dieter Hennings Guitar

Dieter Hennings-Yeomans and Zach Finkelstein recorded this album in two parts at Bastyr University chapel: on May 30th, 2019, the day before Zach's son, Remy, was born. And then, after a flurry of cancellation, rescheduling, and many, many, sleepless nights, They finished the album a month later at the same venue. Dieter Hennings performs with Zach using maple guitar no. 56

Simon Marty Guitar for Sale

Simon Marty Guitar for Sale


Here is a Simon Marty owned by one of my customers, Dieter Hennings, and posted here for sale. It's a 650mm scale with a Western Red Cedar soundboard and what seems to be a Cocobola or Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. The guitar has a very strong, penetrating fundamental resonance very common with this luthier's building style. The bracing is a radial pattern using what appears to be balsa with a carbon fiber capping.