Best Classical Guitar Case

Best Classical Guitar Case for the ValueI think that most guitar makers hate shipping their guitars. I mean its great to be sending guitars out the door and reaping the fruits of your labor, but I have heard too many horror stories about many hours of work being ruined in transit. A handmade guitar has a lot of hours of work in it, and I have struggled to find an affordable case that would give me some confidence in their transit to buyers.

I have found that with the Humicase Protege. I had previously tried out the Humicase Metro upon the request of a buyer and a friend, and after receiving the Humicase Protege, I can't see why people would want the more expensive, less durable Metro model. The Metro might be a bit more in vogue and boast some fiberglass construction, but the Protege pictured above is hard to abuse more than its worth. At $120 I got a case that seals well, has built in humidifier pockets and resists my full weight when standing on the body section.

Eventually my production and sales will scale to the point that I will order the very best cases custom fit to my guitars, but for now, the Humicase Protege works great. Its a little review for a great product that gave me no small amount of releif upon hearing it successfully carried Guitar No. 4 to a customer in Minnesota today. (FedEx helped a little too).