Classical Guitar Case Review

Silver Creek Guitar CaseThe Silver Creek guitar case at left was one of two guitar cases that I bought from a local guitar collector. I was searching for other options to the Humicase Protege, the price of which had just raised about $25.00 while I noticed the quality of the interior had dropped just a tad. 

This case accompanied a TKL, and although TKLs are a highly respected, more expensive case, this Silver Creek case had a more comfortable better constructioned handle while appearing to be just as protective as the Humicase and maybe even the TKL. The good news is that this case is priced in the $70 - $80 dollar range, which would actually make it a top choice, however, there is one draw back.

The maximum depth of the case is just a bit shy of 4.75", so it won't fit many of the guitars out there. I place an armrest on my guitars, so I will have to save this case for a custom order. I guess that I would also like a more plush interior, but that is being a bit too picky. So bottom line - if your guitar fits, then this is a great case, but I would measure my guitar carefully and make sure that its overall thickness (including the fingerboard and bridge) is below 4.75" before ordering this case.