Guitar Trip to Louisville, KY

Stephen Mattingly playing Guitar No. 4Wednesday afternoon I had the great opportunity to make a trip up to Louisville, KY and visit the guitar department at the University of Louisville. Nothing has been more encouraging for me than meeting classical guitarists studying at the university level and being able to share my work with them. On top of being a stellar scenic drive through the Upper Cumberland of Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, it was a joy to meet Stephen Mattingly and see the talent that he is cultivating in this guitar program, which, although very new, will already enjoy hosting the Guitar Foundation of America Convention and Competition the week of June 24, 2013. 

Google Maps did manage to send me on another wild Zeb chase for unmarked road names, but with a bit of assistance from local farmers, I found my way from Red Boiling Springs to I-65, then on to Louisville in about 3 hours and 45 minutes. 

Parker Scinta - Classical GuitaristI was acutally a bit nervous to get up and talk about myself as a guitar maker because I knew that there were already plenty of students in the room that had some guitars made by other capable and well known makers. I like to just let the sound and craftsmanship speak for itself, but eventually I will have to improve my method of presenting guitars to the performing world. This aside, I was very flattered by the comments on my instrument and very fortunate to hear it being played by so many great players. After hearing some talented students try out Guitar No. 4 Dr. Mattingly and I headed to a restaurant to share some food, drink and shop talk. 

Stephen Mattingly is a great player and host, and I am super eager to see he and his students again when they host the GFA Convention this summer.

Thanks for a great trip!