Ambrosia Maple

This ambrosia, soft maple guitar back was made with five joined pieces from a single board.

Ambrosia Maple Portrait

A Bad Gift Idea?

Originally I had bought this maple board for my father for his birthday knowing that he had a special place in his hear for ambrosia maple. Upon its giving my father scoffed and rejected it. He said that he would need a hundred board feet of such boards to make any use of it. So, I made a guitar out of it.

Ambrosia Maple Guitar

Scale Length:


Ambrosia Classical Guitar Bridge

Wenge Bridge

It's a hard and extremely resonant wood with a resin that is used to numb fish.



Three pieces with a curly maple binding and some Gilbert Tuning Machines


Heel Joint

Although my necks are detachable I have always enjoyed capturing the look of the Spanish heel



A five piece maple back, a black walnut headstock and a lutz spruce top


My Mosaic Rosette

It's a 20 x 20 pattern that was improvised. I could never intentionally create that design.


Lutz Spruce Soundboard

Lutz spruce is a hybrid of engelmann and sitka spruce.

End Graft

End Graft

This is an obscure place to get some purfling joinery practice.

Elevated Neck

Elevated Neck

This black walnut neck is elevated about 1/2 an inch at the 12th fret.

Fingerboard Binding

Fingerboard Binding

I think an ebony fingerboard framed with curly maple binding is very striking while also elegant.