Western Red Cedar Soundboard

Western Red Cedar Top

This was a particularly wonderful soundboard from my Bull Run watershed flitches.

Padauk Guitar Bridge

Padauk Bridge

So if you add wood bleach (oxylic acid) to padauk, then it makes it turn purple. One can learn many interesting things about wood from Wood industry research.

Classical Guitar Rosette

The Octagonal Rosette

If the pointy side is rotated to the centerline of the top then it doesn't look like a stop sign. I do love this rosettes but it scared away just as many people as it attracted.

Jose Oribe's Wood

Cocobola Rosewood

The back and side set was purchased in a pair from Jerry Roberts in Nashville. He bought it from Jose Oribe who had retired and was liquidating his wood supply.

Guitar Purfling

Matching it Up

Those purfling lines transfering seamlessly between heel and side hide the fact that the neck is detachable via hardware. I love to maintain the look of the Spanish heel.



Deepening the soundhole lowers the cavity resonance about half a step. So the usual G resonance drops to an F#.

Tie Block

Twelve Hole Tie Block

They work very well but one has to be cautious with the this carbon 1st string. Doing a slip knot on each string ensures zero slippage.

End Graft

End Graft

Maple end graft whose purfling miters into the side trim. Maple joints with binding are infuriatingly difficult because it's white wood. So any gaps show up. You can't fill them and fool people.

Classical Guitar Back

Sapwood Center?

Oh come on. Don't cut it out people. It's pretty.

Cocobola Tonewood


I think tropical is the best word describing the color of this Cocobola. You just don't find that hue in temperate forest wood.

Classical Guitar Tuners


Those Der Jung tuners served me well at this point in my building and I haven't had any fail on me.

Listen HERE.

Hear the owner, Ethan Lorentz, perform his arrangements of Schubert Lieder on this guitar with Spotify HERE.