This guitar was made for Dieter Hennings and inspired by guitar no. 30 Before I could suggest a more sexy name, Dieter had attributed it the name Franky. Dieter is a tall guy and makes every guitar look rather small, so I increased the body size of this guitar for him. Given that it is also a very heavy and loud guitar, perhaps he's deserving of the name.


The bridge is made from wenge and has the 12 hole tie block.


Maple binding with a black / white / black purfling highlight the colorful maple back and sides.


I used a smaller Gold Evo fret and outlined fretboard with an elegant maple purfling.


The top is a very robust Lutz spruce.

Scale Length

Franky is a 660mm scale guitar. The basses are huge and the trebles are very focused and even.

Tuning Machines

These are the Sloane / Waverly tuners with a stippled bronze plate. They look nice in the context of the ebonized neck.


The neck is African Mahogany that was ebonized and finished with True Oil.


The rosette is made from the remaining mosaic material from Extasia.

Interesting Note on Purfling

So the side purfling is a bit larger because my router bit wasn't tight enough in the chuck on the first pass. As a result the bit came out slowly and cut a deeper binding channel in the sides. To compensate I had to double the black purfling strip. Sometimes mistakes are opportunities that lead to better outcomes. ...Sometimes they're disasters that ruin your day.

Three Piece Back

Made from maple, maple and yes... Maple!

Ebonized Neck

The contrast is so nice and sophisticated when paired with maple. Special thanks to my friend Jeremy Clark (52 Instrument Co.) for inspiring me to try this.