Moving Shop and Home

The pictures above display a hint of the view shed from the back deck, inlcuding a view of what the stars can look like without light pollution. (The stars are for you Austin)

The house is perched on a ridge line that climbs about 800 feet out of a bench from the Cumberland Plateau. It's actually about 25 miles from the main body of the Cumberland Plateau, but the western escarpement includes many outlying plateau islands that gradually descend into Tennessee's highland rim. The house rests on such an island, known locally as Linder Mountain.


The last two weeks of November and pretty much all of December up until the present moment has been devoted to moving and resettling back into the home on Linder Mountain outside Alpine, TN. 

After my first year of living in Cookeville and being out of the Peace Corps, my ambition to not pay rent and to have a space for guitar building culminated in this 900 sq. ft. home with full basement at the highest (or second highest) point in Overton County in Tennessee. After living up here alone for a couple of years, I moved back to Cookeville in search of a bigger, dryer workspace and was there for the past four years. 

Over the period of these four years in Cookeville I slowly worked to fix the water problem in the basement so I could eventually move back and do my work here. With the help of an experienced mason and the solid companionship of my lady friend, life and work in this beautiful place is now more possible and enjoyable than before.