Guitar No. 1

Date Completed: 
Friday, June 15, 2007

I made my first guitar while working at Gallagher Guitar Company. At the time of its construction, I had been building guitar bodies every day for two years, handling many different pieces of Sitka Spruce. This was the first guitar that I built to its entirety and it took me about one year from start to finish. Purchase of tools and being cautious are to blame for this long period of construction - mostly because I was trying to create the best guitar in the world. It's a good habit.
I was and still am very proud of the resulting instrument. Its a traditionally fan braced guitar. The sides were bent by hand over a hot pipe. In some respects, its still a challenge today to match the quality of workmanship in some of the details of this guitar. Even though it is guitar no. 1, its a great instrument, and is intended to be patterned after the guitars built by Romanillos.
The headstock was especially ornate as you can see, and its criticism for being "phallic" led to the headstock design I currently prefer today.
The guitar is currently owned by a previous student in Shelbyville, TN.