Guitar No. 10

Date Completed: 
Saturday, March 22, 2014

This is the Jamaica Guitar. It was built from wood that I brought back from the Cockpit Country of Jamaica where I served in the Peace Corps for 2 years. It is a fan braced guitar with a sitka spruce top with maple and padauk as the decorative elements. Locals in my Jamaican town called the wood you see for the back and sides "Mosquito Wood" but this local veracular is also used for a completely different tree that grows in the flats of coastal Jamaica as well, so I am still drawing a blank on the actually species of the wood.

If you want to read about the story of getting this wood, then I wrote a little something about it in the news section here: The Jamaican Guitar

This is my main guitar and I love it dearly. I doubt I could ever part with it.