Guitar No. 3

Date Completed: 
Monday, September 24, 2012

Guitar No. 3 is the first lattice braced guitar I have made. The lattice is nothing like what we think of when we talk about a Smallman Guitar, rather it is more like a modified fan bracing that allows one to make the top about .020" thinner. In addition to creating a thinner topped guitar, the bridge is super lightweight and uses the twelve hole tie block design, allowing me to acheive a strong response with a low action. The result is a very playable and robust sounding guitar with surprisingly strong and bright trebles for a cedar top.

In addition to the lattice-like bracing, this guitar's sides are laminated with Alaskan Yellow cedar. I am not sure if that is a popular material to laminate with sides, but it seemed light and sturdy, I had it around, and smelled really nice.I was very proud of the resulting instrument. I own a double top guitar from another maker and was tickled pink by how much greater the projection of this guitar seems to be. In general, this guitar will certainly be a design that I continue to improve upon that will meet the needs of players looking for large stage presence and a guitar that responds well to a light touch.

The guitar is currently owned by a great friend and guitarist, Rafael Scarfullery, from the Dominican Republic. Visit Rafael's Website and follow his compositions performed on Guitar No. 3 by subscribing to his YouTube channel where he uploads a new composition every day. Rafael currently lives in Charlottesville, VA.

Here the owner, Rafael Scarfullery fulfilling his committment with an Impromptu: