Guitar No. 5

Date Completed: 
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This guitar is now for sale by the original owner, Brent Webster, the guitar teacher at Murray State University, who is upgrading to my latest model. I have just spent a couple of weeks restoring the guitar and was definitely humbled when restrung and played it for the first time since 2013. I set a tough standard in the beginning apparently. It's a great guitar for sure. Lots of color, punchy, rich overtones - I was able to lower the set up as well, so the guitar is very playable. In additition, the structural integrity is perfect - no deformation whatsoever. The instrument has weathered a lot of playing for the past several years and just about looks and sounds better than it ever did new. Give me a call or email if interested. $4,500 is the price.


Guitar No. 5 is finally complete and was quickly sold to Brent Webster from Murray, KY. It hosts a lattice braced cedar top, 650mm scale length, and Indian Rosewood with back and sides that are laminated with Alaskan Yellow Cedar.  The tightly figured tiger maple I recently bought from Winell Lee produced a very stunning binding and the cedar top (as well as the next 32 tops I have) come from the same Western Red Cedar tree of which guitar no. 4 was made. This 20+ year old tree produces a guitar with a very dark and mellow, yet very powerful sound.

This guitar is the second one to use an asymetrical lattice design I developed for guitar no. 3. I made some small changes to the design on this guitar to bring the bases out more and although I don't have number 3 with me to compare, I think that the improvement was obvious and that I will continue to test some variations on this idea until I feel like its "perfect".