Guitar No. 6

Date Completed: 
Thursday, March 28, 2013

This is a guitar made for Erica Cha, a fifteen year old guitarist in Charlottesville, VA and student of Rafael Scarfullery (owner of guitar no. 3). It is the first 640mm scale length I've built. The western red cedar top comes from the same batch of wood as my previous two cedar top guitars. As with guitar No. 5, I modified the lattice pattern with the hopes of increasing the depth of the basses and the success of this small change was quickly apparent when playing this guitar.

This guitar is a milestone for me because it is the first guitar made to order following the customer specifications.  

It will be a joy to own and I hope that when I find the time to make a guitar for myself, that it turns out as nice as guitar no. 6.

Here is a video of Erica playing this guitar in the final round of the Columbus State Guitar Competition in Georgia.