Osage Orange Order Update

This Osage orange continues to be some of the finest tonewood for back and sides of guitars that I have ever handled. I remember the days I spent cutting it for firewood with my father and the impression its bright orange color first made on me. Early in my classical guitar playing days I dropped a small billet of this wood on the stone hearth around the stove in our cabin and noted the resulting metallic resonance. I wondered what kind of guitar it would create.

There is no way of really knowing what kind of interest or demand could be generated in this wood. I have heard many luthiers remark that its a hard sell for their customers; however, since building no. 70, I seem to find that classical guitar players are keen on the aesthetic of that particular guitar. It has me wondering if I should make my stand with it - make it the thing to which people connect my work.

I suppose only time can answer that.