Owner Updates & News

Out of my own effort to know how everyone is getting along with their guitars, I contacted the owners of my instruments and am sharing the updates they gave me below:

Guitar No. 2 - Dylan Flanagan

Dylan recently took the trip down to Columbus, Georgia to participate in the CSU Guitar Symposium where he had a great experience in the competition and hanging out with the other guitarists from the East Carolina Univerisity guitar program. He reports that the guitar is "beautiful as always" and producing even more volume. 

Guitar No. 3 - Rafael Scarfullery

Congratulation to Rafael for becoming a home owner in beautiful Charlottesville, VA. He continues to compose as always and the sheet music for many of his compositions is available on his Website: http://www.rafaelscarfullery.com/compositions.html. Rafael's newest project, although still in the planning stages, will be to create his own music publishing company: Scarfullery Music Editions.

Guitar No. 4 - Martha Hall

A nice little twist of fortune has allowed guitar no. 4 to remain in my locale under the ownership of one of my guitar students, Martha Hall. I have the opportunity to see Martha and the guitar every week in our guitar ensemble rehearsal. She takes excellent care of the instrument and there niether knick nor fading on the French polish finish. Seeing this guitar every week provides me with a continual pressure to maintain the quality of my work. 

Guitar No. 7 - Stephen Mattingly

Last fall Stephen Mattingly performanced at EKU, Murray State, and the Univeristy of Lousiville. He also performed solo concerts in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Finland and Germany, along with master classes at the Hochschuele fuer Musik Detmold. This January Dr. Mattingly performed the Concierto de Aranjuez with Orchestra Kentucky. In February, the Tantalus Quartet performed and judged at the Columbus State University Guitar Symposium. In March the new Tantalus Quartet CD Foolish Fire was released, Dr. Mattinlgy recorded a new solo CD, and the Tantalus Quartet performed and judged at the Stroud Guitar Competition at Oberlin.

Upcoming Events

In April he has a solo concert in Cincinnati. In May the University of Louisville Guitar Festival will be held from May 22-26 and the Tantalus Quartet will perform and judge at the Tennessee Guitar Festival on May 30. In June he has solo concerts in Panama and Costa Rica and in July he will teach and perform at the NY Summer Music Festival and the Sierra Nevada Guitar Festival.

Guitar No. 8 - John Gregerson

John Gregerson from Minnessota writes: 

"My first purchase as a young teenager was a steel string acoustic guitar. I loved the idea of playing the guitar but it was like being a first year beginner for 40 years. I didn't really progress. When my son asked if he could take my guitar to college with him, I said "sure, I don't play it anyway". No more than a couple of months after it was gone, I started to miss my guitar. Instead of duplicating what I had, I purchased an inexpensive classical guitar and fell head over heels in love with the instrument. I started taking lessons for the first time in my life and, according to my wife, did nothing but play my guitar. Since that time I have had many guitars, always looking for that perfect one. In the process, I found Zeb and commissioned him to make a guitar for me. I liked his story and his approach to guitar making. The resulting guitar exceeded my expectations. Zeb calls her #8, but I've named her "Bella", for she is truly beautiful to look at, to play, and the sound is exquisite.   

I don't consider myself an accomplished player, and may never be. But I love the instrument and regret finding it so late in life. I am thrilled to see that many new owners of Zeb's guitars are so young and so accomplished. What a wonderful way to develop as a player than with such excellent guitars! I'm a little envious of Zeb's younger clients being able to look forward to a lifetime of playing such fine instruments. Keep it up! I will live vicariously through their playing success."   

Guitar No. 9 - Brian King

Brian King has applied for and is waiting on a response for the Aspen Music Festival, in addition to searhcing for college guitar programs. Oberlin and USC are currently on the top of the list. Along with Dylan Flanagan and Erica Cha, he attended the CSU Guitar Symposium in Georgia. 

Guitar No. 11 - Jamie Monck

Jamie Monck is a freshman guitar performance major at the Univeristy of Louisville and is giving a recital on Thursday, March 27, 7pm at Bird Recital Hall. 



* Still waiting on updates from the other owners.