Pathosaurus Invictus

I don't plan on doing this perpetually, but after looking around at newer vehicles to replace my 96 Pathfinder I became quite disheartened by my options. Everything new just got more plastic and more computerized. So I did the natural thing and bought a older 95 Pathfinder with a manual transmission for $1,000 from some guy in northern Georgia. It looked like the oil hadn't been changed in 100,000 miles, but meh, it still got me all the way back home in the north Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee. They have their haters, but I have found Nissan's VG engines quite dependable after driving the VG33 in my 96 Pathfinder for 10 years. After those ten years of neglect the engine sounds better than ever and it's the automatic transmission that's about to fail.

I have driven manual transmissions since I was about 5 years old and almost half of the first generation pathfinders were manual. These transmissions will basically last forever. So after another $2,000 I have a fully rebuilt block and cylinder heads and I am putting it all back together again.

I don't assume that classical guitar aficionados will care for this adventure in car restoration, but I am having quite a bit of fun with it, so I figured I would make a little space here on my site to tell the story.

More later