Spalted Maple

One never knows the interesting wood he might find while roaming through the lumber yards of the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.

Graf Tuners

This guitar was an experiment of artistry that warranted the absolute best tuning machines.

Lutz Spruce

The soundboard is Lutz spruce - a hybrid between Englemann and Sitka spruce.

Tropical Walnut Neck

Raised from the top plane about half an inch and standing in beautiful contrast to the maple and spruce is the tropical walnut from Peru. Very near in qualities to the traditional Spanish cedar, but evokative of the dark ebony necks from the Baroque.

Choice of Trim

It's always very difficult for me to make a final choice on the color scheme. What colored veneers and woods contrast in the most tasteful manner with the primary woods of the body, top and neck. I always feel like I fall short trusting myself in this task but people seem to like the result.


A traditional shaping out of ziricote with a mosaic tie block inlay.


The largest crown available and fully polished, Gold Evo frets always improve playbility and provide a luxurious appearance.

Fingerboard Binding

Currently I do this by shaping a billet instead of bending veneers as I did here. This process of bending was insanely difficult and required making a mold. Sometimes I don't think of the best process for a new idea because of my state of mind. Therefore, I just improvise with the end goal in mind.

Headstock trim

Maple bound with a black veneer.

650 scale

This guitar was the very last completed using the template I first developed in my first few years of building.

More of Graf

The "Torres" leaf style with custom colors and a copper plate.

Heel Joint

The neck is completely deatchable from the guitar via two bolts- one in the heel and one in the underside of the fingerboard accessible inside the guitar.