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Models, methods and guiding principles...

It's not easy to practice hours per day and create habits of success. There are many frustrations. The last thing thoughtful, dedicated musicians want is to question whether their rate of success is being diminished by their instrument.

Featured Projects

Here are some recent guitar projects that represent some fresh ideas inspired by both customer requests and my inability to surpress the creative impulse.

Latest Osage Guitar

Maclura Pomifera

I have been receiving indications that my efforts to showcase Osage Orange in the classical guitar world are bearing some fruit. Here is one custom project for a wonderful customer in Texas that represents the tonewood well.

The Maple Guitar

Latest Maple Project

This is an exhilarating commission from a creative customer that spanned the pandemic years and has finally come into reality. It was a great opportunity to play, create and challenge myself.

The Nine String

La Murcia

Commissioned by guitarist Stanley Yates, this guitar pairs the traditional treble stings with bass courses to place Baroque guitar music within the context of the modern sound.