Guitar 66

Date Completed: 
Thursday, September 3, 2020


More information on the next exciting 630 scale project will be posted very soon

A couple of years ago I split some tops from one of my cedar flitches and out came some very dark, chocolaty wood. Unfortunately there were only two tops out of this flitch that were usable for a fine instrument. Such is the case with wood. Anyone that has spent time going from tree to guitar can attest to the cocktail of anticipations and let downs experienced in search of the highest quality cuts from a tree. This particular log had a pleasant surprise. One top of which was used in constructing, Praetoria, guitar no. 67

This 630mm scale classical guitar was started before COVID-19 was on our radar. It should have been completed long before now, but some orders, the lockdown of suppliers and other family excuses kept me from finishing it until September of 2020. Every 630 scale I've completed thus far seems to be a riotous joy to play and this guitar is no exception. While it's finalization comes late, there is a quality and inspiration that goes along with delaying these projects. The result is a short scale guitar that is probably too short for most players, but it will answer the prayers of that rare person in need of a concert quality guitar that makes those long reaches more gentle on the hands. You know who you are. This one is especially for you and I think you will find joy in its responsiveness, balance and singing first string.

If you're interested in a sound sample, I did a quick phrase or two of Bach using my phone's camera that I can make available.


  • Western Red Cedar Top
  • Wenge Back and Sides
  • Flamed Maple Binding
  • Sloane Tuning Machines
  • African Mahogany Neck
  • Jumbo Frets
  • Elegy style bracing

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