A Review of Oasis Guitar Strings

Oasis Strings

I have pretty much used Savarez Alliance high tension strings since my college guitar professor told me that it was the path towards getting more projection out of the guitar that I had at the time. It was a Hanika guitar that I bought at the NAMM show, a big event that I enjoyed as a result of being an employee of Gallagher Guitar Co. in 2001. The Hanika guitar was a good guitar, albeit rather hard to play, and having never used high tension carbon strings, it was like getting a new guitar.

The Classical Guitar Ladder

How many classical guitarists and classical guitar luthiers can fit on one ladder?

Every year music schools across the United States generate an increasing number of guitar performance graduates combined with the new professional and amateur luthiers entering the market every year.

Each enters this field of a beautiful music and instrument inspired by what had come before with dreams of leading the life that those who came before us and gave us inspiration led.

"Lucky" No. 13

Padauk Classical Guitar - Fitting the BackWell, I have been told that I could skip it just like some high rise buildings that were designed by superstitious architects, but then I might always wonder what the guitar would have been like.

Closing the Gap on Your Standards

A couple of weeks ago I beat my personal record for running my 2 mile loop around the nearby countryside. I call the run The Mad Dog with respect to the many canine egos that I have to manage on the way. This particular running session in question was different than the others because it was my first sincere attempt at beating my best overall time of 14 minutes, 59 seconds, and because I had actually lengthened the run a small fraction of its original length to augment its scenic viewing opportunities.