"Lucky" No. 13

Padauk Classical Guitar - Fitting the BackWell, I have been told that I could skip it just like some high rise buildings that were designed by superstitious architects, but then I might always wonder what the guitar would have been like.

Closing the Gap on Your Standards

A couple of weeks ago I beat my personal record for running my 2 mile loop around the nearby countryside. I call the run The Mad Dog with respect to the many canine egos that I have to manage on the way. This particular running session in question was different than the others because it was my first sincere attempt at beating my best overall time of 14 minutes, 59 seconds, and because I had actually lengthened the run a small fraction of its original length to augment its scenic viewing opportunities.

Kenny Hill Signature Double Top For Sale

This guitar has now been sold to a good home in Toronto, Ontario.

After finally completing a guitar for myself I have sold this Kenny Hill Double Top that I have owned since 2006. It's a great guitar and definitely has been a great inspiration for my own guitar building. 


  • 650mm scale length
  • Shaller Tuners with Ebony Buttons
  • Dual Sound Ports
  • Spruce Soundboard (Double Top)
  • Indian Rosewood Back and Sides

Condition: (see photos in the above gallery)

The Next Four Guitars

Handmade Classical Guitars in Progress

These four guitars have been in the works for quite some time and are finally nearing completion. From front to back they John Gregerson's Honduran Rosewood Guitar, Stephen Mattingly's guitar, the GFA guitar and, after three years of working little by little on the weekends, my very own guitar using wood that I brought back from the Peace Corps in Jamaica. 


To Bee or Not To Bee? - A Story About Guitar Making and Forgiveness

Luthier Attacking Bumble BeeThat was the question as I stood there in the shop strategizing how I was going to smash him while he was still mezmerized by the florescent lights hanging above my workshop bench. Sometimes stuff happens when you are working on guitars. Bad things happen to good guitars, and good guitars in progress. Most of it can be prevented, but this...not this - and something had to pay.

Making the Cut

Handmade Classical Guitars - Milling Western Red Cedar SoundboardsI always get a little nervous when I start prepping a log of future guitar soundboards for milling. Making a good cut takes a good deal of patience and experience that I am always worried I won't have.