Custom Handmade Classical Guitar Projects

Expanding the Tradition

Creating classical guitars that belong in a class unto themselves and blaze new paths for players and luthiers.

Whether bringing new life to an old repertoire or perhaps inspiring new techniques and music, we are always taking for granted the impact that instruments themselves have on expanding the marketplace of arranging, composition and performance. With this in mind, I am always collaborating with guitarists on special projects that form a class unto themselves and that will hopefully create diverse pathways for classical guitarists.

Featured Projects

Here are some recent guitar projects that represent some fresh ideas inspired by both customer requests and my inability to surpress the creative impulse.

640 scale classical guitar

New 640 Scale for Sale

This guitar is an Elegy model that has a bit shorter string length. Shortening the string length sweetens the sound and helps out players with less reach.

Latest Red Maple

The Latest Red Maple Build

This guitar was made to order but the customer had a frightful water disaster in his kitchen, so I took it to the Miami GFA and sold it to his friend. These maple guitars have gained much interest lately.

Dieter's Guitar

Dieter's Guitar

Professor of guitar at the University of Kentucky came by for a repair job a couple of years ago. After playing the maple guitar - no. 30 - he was inspired to order one for himself.

The Maple Guitar

The Maple Guitar

What began with a spalted maple board four years ago ended with a combined work of art and an instrument that is a delight to play. Here are the pictures of the finished guitar and the story of its creation.

The Nine String

La Campanella

Commissioned by guitarist Stanley Yates, this guitar pairs the traditional treble stings with bass courses to place Baroque guitar music within the context of the modern sound.


The 630 Scale Classical

This year I have completed two 630 scale orders. Shortening a scale 20mm from standard definitely required me to take my design back to the "drawing table". The result was simply moving the neck up with a little piece of the upper bout.