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Special Dark Cedar Top
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Elevated Neck
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Wenge Back and Sides
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Wenge Back and Sides
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Headstock Backing
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Flame Maple Binding
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630 Scale Classical Guitar

These shorter scales aren't for everyone, but for a small group of guitarists, they are an answer to years of frustration with longer scale guitars. Some will never realize this until, one day, they have the opportunity to try one out. I like to make all my shorter scale guitars as special and unique as their owners.

About Shorter Scale Guitars

As with all things in life, for everything we would like to gain there is always something of which we must let go. The length of a string is no exception. The advantages and drawbacks begin to reveal themselves the most as one shortens the string less than or equal to 635mm.

Things to gain

Things to let go

Easier reaching Harder scrunching
Sweeter, warmer tone Some brightness and projection
Looser string tension Higher String Tension
A smaller, compact guitar A deeper sound

Have some ideas on the balance of pros and cons that you have experiences and I haven't listed above?

My Work


Learn more about some of the special guitarists and friends making music on Turrentine Guitars and see the results of their hard work and dedication.

Special Projects

The classical guitar has always been a sexy instrument. These projects represent a variety of approaches towards expanding the traditional utility and aesthetic of the guitar.


Providing various repair services to classical guitar players and collectors is a great way to make new friends and to learn about the various problems that arise within a guitar's lifetime.