Elegy is the standardization of my experience as a luthier. Each guitar represents my goal to set a higher standard for the lattice braced, concert classical guitar.

Special Projects

The classical guitar has always been a sexy instrument. These projects represent a variety of approaches towards expanding the traditional utility and aesthetic of the guitar.


Providing various repair services to classical guitar players and collectors is a great way to make new friends and to learn about the various problems that arise within a guitar's lifetime.

About Design

picture of brace construction

There are many approaches to building a successful guitar. My first attempt was quite mediocre. Its contruction was directed entirely by book. That first guitar lived in a closet for four years before I would find myself in a position to try again. The next two approaches were mostly improvised - one was traditionally fan braced and one had a lattice braced top pattern that was very dense and strong. This lattice was used because I had arrived by error at a top thickness unsuitable for a traditional guitar. This particular guitar, its design born from error, was loud and riotously fun to play. It gave me such an abundance of confidence that I quit the job I had at the time and hit the road in search of it's future owner. When I returned I had a buyer for both guitars, nos. 2 & 3, and no source of income other than building guitars. It was stupid yet thrilling.

My current approach to building is based upon trial and error. I could lie say my design is better than others but I feel like that insults the intelligence of the market. I have never liked to sell my guitars based upon a design gimmick. My only gimmick is my greatest weakness - basing my self worth from my work. Humans and guitars are both fallen creatures but are capable of redemption. Yes, I use a lattice braced top, and yes I have goals and metrics that guide my work, but what makes my guitars most successful is when each one of them is a misdirected attempt to resolve issues of self-worth. We luthiers are always only as good as our last guitar, so the best design is a process that leaves room for addressing the inadequacies of our work. The process of a live concert doesn't allow our customers to go back and fix inadequacies. My process does.

As with most domains, those successful in the world of luthiery go into and out of style. Similarly, trends in the structural technology of guitars have come and gone with the rise and passing of the players who championed them. Whatever or whomever trends, I am dedicated to cultivating a unique approach to building a concert classical guitar. That approach is always learning and growing with my peer group of other competent luthiers, always searching for new ways to add tangible value, and always seeking feedback from the professional guitarists whom I most respect.

The Shop

Here is a page dedicated to my humble shop, the beauty of it's location and the various tools one finds in such a place. It's also a preview of one what might expect if they decide to pay a visit.

Buy Portfolio Book

Portfolio Book

I created this portfolio book to have on hand for customers and my display table at exhibitions. It features a variety of the models and special projects that I have undertaken since the beginning. Purchase it Here.

Classical Guitars for Sale

Guitars for Sale

Listed here are all pre-owned and new guitars for sale that I have made. I try to facilitate the resale of customers guitars as needed. If you have recently purchased a guitar I built from the orgininal owner then please contact me so I can update my records.