A Concert Classical Guitar

  • Striking balance and voice separation with "piano like" tone
  • Invoke playful creativity that is "hard to put down"
  • Strongly projecting fullness, richness and lovely guitarness
  • An heirloom quality craft that begs tender loving care

1 / 10
2 / 10
Cedar Top
3 / 10
Wenge Back & Sides
4 / 10
Rosewood Binding
5 / 10
Gilbert Tuners
6 / 10
Elevated Fingerboard
7 / 10
Gold Evo Frets (.057")
8 / 10
Two-way Truss Rod
9 / 10
Armrest (Option)

An Iterative Standard

When I first embarked upon this guitar building business with career intentions I was renting a house with a friend and machinist in Cookeville, TN. Ross was working towards his engineering degree at Tennessee Tech and I was helping in an organizational way with his effort to generate interest and funds for a linear engine generator he had designed. He called it "Elegy" and I thought that this was funny because I was familiar with that title in classical musical literature and it's meaning. Well, Ross got a job and family and, notwithstanding its merit, his engine will be not be "moving the world" anytime soon. So I decided to make Elegy the namesake of my main model of guitar, both as a tribute to my time and things learned from Ross and because it sounds better than "Main Model".

Elegy is built to be a modern, dependable tool for the concert hall. It uses a solid, cedar soundboard voiced for a traditional timbre using my own method of lattice bracing. The goal is for a fundamental resonance that remains salient and rich in the toughest performance settings, but not overly warm and "muddy". Clarity, balance and voice separation are key attributes of Elegy and I work very hard to ensure that it is both very responsive and resilient over time.

The design is my iterative standard for what I believe is the proper, concert classical guitar. It combines my own unique views of construction with those past and present - many of whom I consider very good friends.

My Work


Learn more about some of the special guitarists and friends making music on Turrentine Guitars and see the results of their hard work and dedication.

Special Projects

The classical guitar has always been a sexy instrument. These projects represent a variety of approaches towards expanding the traditional utility and aesthetic of the guitar.


Providing various repair services to classical guitar players and collectors is a great way to make new friends and to learn about the various problems that arise within a guitar's lifetime.