~ Sir Francis Younghusband (1863 - 1942)

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A Small House
3 / 27
A Cold Evening
4 / 27
A Cold Clear Night
5 / 27
Ice Storm - Feb. 2021
6 / 27
Rose of Sharon
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Josey Bananas Pussy Cat
8 / 27
Sunrise from Porch
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Cold Morning
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They are always there somewhere
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View going down
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Well come right in sir!
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A composition of tools and projects
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Clamping and sanding happen here
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Cutting round things
18 / 27
Drilling through things
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Cuttings really big things
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Something that does many things
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Something that throws wood at stupid luthiers
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Workboard for keeping the neck and body in line
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This was the very first power tool I bought in 2006.
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Using vacuum pressure for gluing braces
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A sander I made with a treadmill motor
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"Can I giv'em the clamps boss?"
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This frame is ready for fitting its top and back

The Shop

I currently live and work about two and half hours drive from my birthplace and family farm. It's in the mountains between Livingston and Jamestown, Tennessee. I suppose if I lived in a major metropolitan area of some uban center I would be much nearer to the arts and culture that make what I do possible. On the other hand, I sometimes think that living in a remote area is advantageous to my creativity. Here, I am well insulated from any inertia created from the pressures of any professional or social cliques. As a result, my source of business is spread far and wide and not dependent upon my location or the nexus surrounding one group or institution. It's a great excuse to travel to these places, learn new things and make new friends, yet always returning to my what I am building here on the western escarpment of the Appalachian Plateau. It's not the most accessible place to live and work, nor is it very spacious at the moment, but I am continually working bit by bit to make it a meaningful place to live, work and visit.

With that said, we love to have visitors and will be very gracious hosts to those willing to travel out here to see what I have going on, try some guitars and talk shop. If you are interested in visiting then please don't hesitate in contacting me here and we'll find a time to prepare for your visit.

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Learn more about some of the special guitarists and friends making music on Turrentine Guitars and see the results of their hard work and dedication.

Special Projects

The classical guitar has always been a sexy instrument. These projects represent a variety of approaches towards expanding the traditional utility and aesthetic of the guitar.


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Providing various repair services to classical guitar players and collectors is a great way to make new friends and to learn about the various problems that arise within a guitar's lifetime.