Special Projects

A quest for beauty, imagination and meaning


Getting Started

Some of these projects are special requests and some are my own creative adventures. Special guitars can be inspired by expanding the range of the guitar with extra strings and frets. They can be inspired by a story or meaningful theme. They can challenge me with custom rosettes, marquetry and inlay. Often they are inspired by a rare piece of wood with extraordinary tone and artistic potential.

You have an idea?

Meaningful Work

I unapologetically refute any conflict between time dedicated to beautiful craftsmanship and time devoted to acoustic refinement. I see no purpose in classical guitarists restraining their creative impulse. No matter how subtle or extraordinary, let's take courage and create an instrument of artistic rapture - a timeless expression of imagination and acoustic perfection.

Obviously, there is no way to duplicate the value of vintage instruments from the history's highly venerated luthiers. One thing that I can do is work tirelessly to build meaning into every detail of my special projects. I have always aimed to avoid gimmicks because I understand that, for many classical guitar enthusiasts, ornamentation and modern engineering ideas that deviate from tradition do all too often add a superficial value. Those that know great guitars the best have a great appreciation for the simplicity that undergirds their efficacy. This fundamental attribute is at the heart of every guitar I build regardless of how they're embellished.